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Improve Your Google My Business Ranking In 5 Easy Steps And Get More Revenue

Arnaud Saint-Paul

Arnaud Saint-Paul


Small Business Growth – Local SEO – Get More Clients – Growth Expert

Aug 18, 2017

How to improve one’s Google My Business ranking is an essential part of any small business growth-toolkit. It should be considered as a foundation of your marketing strategy on how to get more clients. Here are a few easy steps to follow so that you can start making a difference today.

If you are serious about attracting more clients to your small business you must start by taking the decision of making changes in the way you are handling the growth of your company. Clearly, if you are looking for more clients is because the strategies that you have been using until now are not working as effectively as you wished.

For this client attraction to begin working steadily for your business, you need to implement new simple techniques that will help you grow your bottom line. One fundamental path to success is to make sure that your business listing is present on all business directories but also to rank your business listing on Google My Business and Maps.

Why not committing to positive results by setting a specific growth target? A monthly target is the simplest. You can begin with a goal of 10% or 20% increase of customers. This will be enough to get you to stretch and take action. Find out what number feels best for you, one you can easily manage mentally and physically. Once you have the number, start tracking on a daily basis the actions you’re taking to get those new clients. The idea is to take action without feeling stressed out or overwhelmed.

To help you in this process of learning more, planning more and doing more, here are 5 easy steps to make it easier to attract new clients and continue growing your business and as a result your revenue.


Google My Business Ranking Step #1
Ranking on Google My Business and Google Maps are very important for small businesses to get found in a local search and get ratings from customers. Google My Business connects you directly with local customers, whether they’re looking for you on search, maps or Google+. Google My Business (also known as Google Places) makes it easier for customers to find your information about your business online, including your hours of operation, contact information and directions.

Are you interested in learning how to rank higher on Google Maps?

After you create your business listing, here are some recommendations to improve your Google My Business and Google maps listing:

  • Keep your information updated: It sounds simple, but it is very important to keep in mind that Google My Business is your business card on Google. Thus, you should ensure that all information is up to date. Check the following information is accurate at least every three months: Category, company description, opening hours and pictures.
  • Ask for reviews: You need reviews in order to increase the relevance of your listing so encourage your happy customers to add a review. Just ask them in person, by email, or by adding a note to your business cards or website. Make sure to respond to reviews within a week.
  • Add pleasing images: Pictures are usually the first eye catcher. Thus make sure to include appealing pictures for your small business. Your images must show different aspects of your company such as interior, exterior, product and team photos.


Google My Business Ranking Step #2
This tip is an important step on your path to a good google local business listing optimization.

Each online directory has a slightly different approach for claiming a business listing and verifying that you are the actual owner. It could be using a phone call, text message, email, etc. Make sure you go through the verification process. Your small business will not appear online until it has been verified.

What happens after you’ve listed your small business in several of the most trusted online directories?

Google trusts a small number of local directories. It regularly pulls publicly available data from these sources to use in its search results. These directories are common ones as Yelp, Trip Advisor, Citysearch, and also many other smaller, high-quality sites.

Your presence on these other sites signals to Google that your business is an active member of its local community. While creating a listing directly on Google is imperative if you want to rank highly in the local search results, creating a listing on all the other directories related to your business focus is also very important.

One key aspect of this strategy is that you should always list the exact same business information. Doing so assures Google that your business is consistent and stable on all platforms.

Here is a list of 10 directories where you should list your small business:

  1. Google
  2. Bing
  3. Yahoo!
  4. Yelp
  5. Facebook
  6. Better Business Bureau
  7. Angie’s List
  8. Merchant Circle
  9. LinkedIn

Bottom line is, your Google My Business Ranking will increase drastically.


Google My Business Ranking Step #3
Including a physical and verifiable address for your small business on your website not only will boost Google’s trust but it will also help you gain a more formal and credible image in front of those potential clients visiting your site. In turn, this can positively impact your ranking.

You always want to find opportunities to build your reputation and look as a responsible and accountable company, not as a vague concept floating out there in cyberspace. Many of your-soon-to-be clients will search for your product or service by connecting it with their city. That is, the city or one of the cities where your product or service is offered. For example, someone that is looking for a dentist in Downtown Atlanta will most probably search for “Downtown Atlanta dentist” and not for “Atlanta dentists.”

Make sure your address is visible. Include it on the homepage or contact page. Last but not least, double check that this is the same exact address you are including in all others directories throughout the Internet (here is a free tool to check how your business is referenced across 30+ directories).


Google My Business Ranking Step #4
Your contact page is very important. It is the page many of your potential clients will visit to learn how to get in touch with you. Offer them as many different contact avenues as possible.

One of them is adding a Google map so they can easily locate your offices or business location. Embedding your Google map is easy. Search your business name in Google maps and once you find it, click on the three lines that are beside the name of your business in the search bar on the top left. Last, click on “share or embed map.”

If you would like to see an example in action, visit our contact page and drop us a note!


Google My Business Ranking Step #5
Having reviews from your happy clients is a simple way to create a constant flow of new leads. People are sharing their experiences all the time, and what they say has a positive or negative impact on others. The more reviews your small business has, the higher its social proof. So don’t forget to make it as easy as possible for your clients to post reviews and offer direct links to your review profiles.

Your clients understand how important their reviews are for the well-being of your small business. As long as you provide an excellent product or service, they won’t be annoyed if you ask for a review.

If Google sees a page with many reviews, don’t you think it will want to show that page over a page that doesn’t have any reviews?

Google will definitely encourage you to ask for reviews from your clients. However, other sites like Yelp have conflicting views on whether you are or not allowed to ask for them. Make sure you check the term of services and guidelines of each review site where your business is listed.


All these tips will definitely help you to continue growing your business. However, one last component will be the key to accelerating the impact these can have on your business growth.

Believing one hundred percent in what you do and in the purpose of your business is the correct attitude and the ideal mindset that will take your business to where you want to position it. Believe in you and believe in what you do. You are needed and wanted.

If you believe in this at the same time that you share your gifts with your marketing, new business and new clients will constantly flow. That is guaranteed.


Arnaud Saint-Paul

Arnaud Saint-Paul


Arnaud Saint-Paul runs SimplyFly which helps your Local Small Business to position itself in front of hundreds of local buyers actively looking for your services with their mobile. For a flat fee and guaranteed results, you can receive hundreds of calls or visits that convert into sales and revenue growth up to 90% of the time.

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