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Local SEO Services Can Help You Grow Your Small Business

Arnaud Saint-Paul

Arnaud Saint-Paul


Small Business Growth – Local SEO – Get More Clients – Growth Expert

Jul 31, 2017

Local SEO services can be an amazing tool to secure your small business long term growth. But what is SEO? What are these local SEO services?

Without a doubt, the Internet presents endless opportunities for many individuals and businesses. It allows them to communicate, grow leads, reach prospective clients and promote their business effectively. By leveraging the Internet, many companies can attract and meet more potential clients, and improve their businesses. While there are several methods of gaining visitors to your website, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is one of the major channels for doing so.

Statistics from 2017 show that there are over 6,586,013,574 searches done daily all over the world. This shows the amazing potential Search Engine Marketing has. It also demonstrates why it is used to generate great amounts of leads for many different types of businesses.

Getting the results you want for your local business requires optimizing your website for Search Engines. In order to fully harness the power of Search Engine Optimization, it is paramount to understand how it works. It is also mandatory to learn the proper ways to make use of it.


Search Engine Optimization can simply be defined as a marketing tool. It focuses on increasing the visibility of a website and its position on search result pages. In other words, it is called as “Target Marketing.” SEO involves the use of strategic elements such as keywords, algorithms, and other relevant content to improve a website’s ranking. The process of Search Engine Optimization involves but is not limited to:

  • the cleaning of a website to make it run faster,
  • the use of targeted, relevant keywords in articles and blogs on your website,
  • the linking of other websites to the pages of your website, etc.

While there are many ways to enhance your ranking, it is important to use the right kind of SEO strategy to ensure you are reaching your target market. To target a particular audience, a business can choose to use global SEO or local SEO. For best results, a company can even choose to combine both.

As a rule of thumb, Global SEO works best for digital products or e-businesses with no specific location or with branches all over the world. However, for businesses located in a high density city or region, Local SEO is more appropriate. Hence the adoption of Local SEO services becomes relevant.


SEO is the art of ranking properly in Search Engines. If you run a bookshop, you want your business to appear in search engines when people search for book shops in your area. For instance, if you are in Virginia, you want to focus your marketing efforts on the people living locally. It is no good to you if your business link appears to someone in Washington DC. This is why Local SEO services are so important to your business and bottom line.

Local SEO involves getting your business to targeted, qualified leads located near you. It aims at getting your name, website, and business in front of local people needing your products and services. This set of people can access your business easily and are likely to buy from you. Using local SEO services ensures that your business is displayed to users who are looking for your services.

Anatomy for Google Search presenting the need of Local SEO Services


Several methods can be applied to ensure your SEO is targeting your local market. One of them is to make sure that your small business listing is correctly indexed on the top 30 business directories such as Google my business, Yelp, Yellow pages, Yahoo, … You can even use some business listing free scan tools that will help you edit and manage your business listing across the net. You will be also able to manage your reviews and interact efficiently with your client base. Lastly, you will monitor how your business can lead your local market for the specific services you offer. By being 1st in the top 3 offered by Google, a user searching for your business in their local area will call you and do business with you and not your competitor.

Being correctly positioned on the top directories will get you many calls and visits of consumers looking to do business with you.


You can also want to make sure that your website is correctly referenced for local searches. In other words, each time a potential client is looking for the type of services you offer in your area, you want to be first in the organic search. By combining the power of  business listings and the web with one or several of your pages, you are able to dominate your market.

In order to optimize your website, get your physical address on your website so that the information can be indexed and referenced by search engines. Also, ensure as described above that your site is registered for each local directory that covers your area. In addition, you can also work with external SEO companies that offer affordable plans for Local SEO services.

By being present both on the business listing and website search, you maximize your revenue growth potential!


1. Reduced Cost of SEO campaign

Targeting a particular audience in a particular location is less costly when compared to running marketing campaigns to reach a wider or global audience. This can be referred to as target marketing. In a business setting, there are a lot of things that require money and attention. Hence, as a business owner, the last thing you want to do is spend excess money in one aspect of business alone. Local SEO helps you tailor your marketing efforts towards only the relevant audience in your niche.

Also, the process of optimizing a site on local search pages is easier and less time-consuming with local SEO.
First, you submit your website to business directories to get backlinks. Then you indulge in both on-site and off-site SEO. The good news is that it does not involve interacting on social media as much. Hence, there is no need to spend a lot of money.

2. Business extension

The Internet is a global market, and your website is like a second location of your business. Local SEO gives your business exposure and makes it easier for users to interact with your business. It gives you the opportunity to study your business web page. Then you can update it with informative and relevant content. Share information that not only suits your particular audience but also promotes the growth of your business in the short and long terms.

3. Increase in exposure of business to the local market

The use of Local SEO services for your website means more exposure to your small business. Local SEO optimization helps more users locate your business on the web. It is targeted to a specific region and a particular niche. By ranking your site with the aid of Local SEO services, you can reach a more targeted audience. Hence you increase your brand awareness.

4. Less Competition

Unlike global SEO, local SEO has less competition. Albeit some competition do exist from region to region, the chances of ranking high in your specific niche with the relevant keywords are superior. As a result, this means more online visibility and more targeted traffic to your website which may convert to more sales. Local SEO helps you avoid some competition that would be almost impossible to beat in a global setting.

These big companies who have spent a huge amount of money and have invested a lot of time and efforts in their SEO have created a stronghold on their respective global markets.

5. Leverage on modern technology to grow your business

The 21st century has experienced the growth of mobile phones and wearable devices such as wristwatches. These devices work with GPS and allow users to perform searches on the go, and the search results thereafter are proximity-based. By availing yourself of Local SEO services, you can leverage on the opportunity to build dominance in your niche and increase your brand awareness simultaneously.

6. More conversion, increase in profit and ROI

Local SEO is a profit maker. It brings out your page to people living in a particular location. According to a recent study, people who search for a particular product or service in their area are interested in becoming paying clients. For local businesses, these types of people are the ones who will most likely buy their products and services. Local SEO in general, means more conversion of targeted leads, more profit, and measurable ROI.

Local seo services


Although SEO has its benefits, it also has its pitfalls. For small businesses, these challenges can be overwhelming and can hinder the rate of growth of their business in their local area. Some of these challenges include:

1. Use of the wrong keywords

One of the foremost challenges companies that engage in SEO face is the inability to use the right keywords to help their businesses become visible in search engines. Most businesses starting content marketing campaigns, use keywords selected from the service they offer. Most times, this doesn’t go well and they end up wasting time, efforts and resources without getting substantial results.

2. Lack of expertise

SEO is a process that requires a good amount of skill to follow through. For many businesses, the presence of this resource is not available within the team. This can be due to the fact that upcoming companies will rather hire people who are skilled in other more productive areas than hire SEO specialists as part of their staff. Such businesses tend to believe that they save more money by doing so and therefore they can channel it to other more important areas of business.

3. Lack of time

Sadly, small businesses are comprised of just a handful of employees ranging from one to ten as the case may be. Often, these employees are faced with juggling multiple tasks and hence nobody can focus all of their time on SEO. This makes SEO even more challenging for such companies.

Optimizing a website for SEO takes time, requires effort and commitment. It involves creating unique and outstanding content, optimizing web pages, promoting your assets and securing backlinks, running A/B tests, etc. All of these processes are not easy to follow through with. As a result of lack of time and commitment, these companies end up doing a rush job, neglecting some or all of the steps needed in optimizing a website. This results in under-optimized websites with low rankings.

4. Difficulty in keeping up with changes

The world of SEO is constantly changing: new techniques evolve and replace old methods, search engines change their algorithms on a regular basis. These factors have a huge significance in ranking a site, and when not fully paid attention to, it can nullify previous efforts. Small businesses usually do not have a lot of time to dedicate to it, fewer resources, and are not proficient in SEO, keeping up with these changes is challenging. This leaves them on the back foot and often makes them unable to fully harness the power of SEO to successfully grow their businesses.


While the challenges of SEO linger and are overwhelming for local businesses, a simple and straightforward solution lies in working with an agency that provides Local SEO services. These SEO companies already have the wherewithal needed to grow a brand effectively through Search Engine Optimization. By leveraging on their expertise, you can grow more leads and have better results with your SEO campaign.


There are several reasons why you should outsource your SEO campaign to companies that offer local SEO services for small businesses. They include:

1. Gives you time to focus on other areas of your business

Outsourcing your SEO work to SEO specialists allow you to save time and efforts. Instead of keeping up with SEO trends, you can channel all your time and energy into other areas of your business for maximum growth and expansion.

2. Have more efficiency

SEO experts have the experience and required skills for engaging with your target audience and controlling the entire SEO campaign for higher results. They are conversant with the SEO industry, as well as with alterations in search engine algorithms that allow them to adopt and use effective methods in pulling in results.

Also, they work with special professional tools that ensure your SEO activities are done in the right way. Their efforts and methods make link building, coding, content development and reporting more efficient than if you do it yourself.

In other words, using the services of local SEO services and professionals guarantees your investment in the short and long term and is a sure way to grow your bottom line.

3. Save costs

Some SEO companies offer affordable local SEO services that local businesses can easily leverage on. By taking advantage of their SEO services, small and medium scale companies can save costs and channel their resources to other areas of their business.

Although, SEO requires investment, outsourcing it is way cheaper than having it done in-house. Your marketing efforts will pay off and you will be able to measure realistically your ROI. In addition, outsourcing SEO will help you save money by employing less people and conducting less training on a regular basis.

4. Competitive advantage

These days, every business that wants to be found online puts in some effort to optimize their search marketing results. In order to stand a chance and compete effectively in the marketplace, your website needs to be as visible as possible to get people’s attention. Achieving this requires a high level of expertise. SEO experts can help you achieve these results.


SEO is no longer an option for businesses, it’s a must. For small businesses that are committed to increase brand awareness, become more popular in their local markets, drive more leads, and increase sales and revenue, local SEO is the right resource to leverage on.

A small business using local seo services has clearly understood how to get more clients in our day and age.

While you and your in-house team are dedicated to offering the best products and services, your local SEO service company is the ace up your sleeve. It will not only bring all the potential clients that you need but it will also help you to become a leader in your industry. Isn’t that the goal that all small business owners are aiming at?

Arnaud Saint-Paul

Arnaud Saint-Paul


Arnaud Saint-Paul runs SimplyFly which helps your Local Small Business to position itself in front of hundreds of local buyers actively looking for your services with their mobile. For a flat fee and guaranteed results, you can receive hundreds of calls or visits that convert into sales and revenue growth up to 90% of the time.
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