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Get Unlimited Quality Leads

For A Flat Fee And A Minimum Guarantee


What is the best plan for my business?
  • Business Booster is best optimized for targeting cities with populations that are less than 40,000 peopleor specialty/service niches that have less business or marketing competition.  It is also focusing on your single best specialty or service that you would like to attract clients for.
  • Market Dominance is best for targeting cities with populations that are more than 40,000 people or niche’s that have more business or marketing competition.  You can accelerate your results and dramatically reduce the time it takes to get results by using Market Dominance to target smaller or less competitive cities. Also, it provides you with the unique opportunity to attract clients searching for up to 5 specialties or services. For example, if you were a dentist, you could be in the first position on Google when people are searching for: affordable dentist, cosmetic dentist, teeth whitening, emergency dentist, 24 hour dental clinic, etc.
What are the next steps once I sign up? What is the timeline?

SEO can be simplified to relevancy plus time.  Our team has to implement our unique strategy, our “secret sauce”, wait letting the search engines digest it, see what happens, react, then …rinse and repeat.

Month 1-3 – Onboarding Form, Setup and the initial SEO set up.

Month 4-6 – In some cases, you can get into the top 3 listings in the first 30 days, but as a rule of thumb clients report that they are happy with their results in months 4-6. The domination of the listings typically happens somewhere in months 9-12.

Month 7-9 – After month 8 we will review your results and make sure you have reached your minimum of monthly clicks and calls if a lot of competition exists on your keywords, we will immediately notify our team to double down on their work for your account.

Month 10-12 – You are now in the fourth quarter of your project and should be seeing great results! You receive tens or even in some cases hundreds of high quality calls and clicks looking for your service or specialty in your area.


Why your strategy is so effective? How does it beat ads or social media? How can Dumpster Man get 90% conversion rate?

Yes these numbers are incredible, aren’t they?
Our service focuses on presenting your business to users that are currently looking for the type of service or specialty you provide.
As they are actively searching for this, they are in position to conclude a transaction at that very moment. Their intention is then reinforced by calling your office for more information. They are now a hot lead, ready to be converted into a client.
Another factor is the degree of urgency the lead has: if the lead is searching for a dumpster company or a roof repair, it is most likely that the need is urgent and therefore the transaction is bound to happen on the first phone call. In such a scenario, most of the calls you will receive will convert into happy customers.

You mentioned "Unlimited Leads", how can this be?

Depending on which plan you select, we will first focus on one city and one or five keywords that represent your profession or specialty.
Once your business dominates Google’s Small Business Listings first page and you capture the leads from this set of keywords, then we will automatically start expanding not only geographically, offering your service in the surrounding cities, but also adding new verticals related to your service so that you get a constant and growing influx of calls and clicks looking to purchase your service.
This is how our Plan X clients are getting, even after a few years, hundreds or even thousands of hot leads calls every single months.

These testimonials are amazing but will you take the same care with us? Will the same results apply to me?

We take pride in serving our clients to the best of our ability. To date, some of our 600 clients have stayed with us for the past 10 years.
The testimonials you have listened to are coming from our Plan X clients who spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars every month, hence the volume of calls and leads they receive.
We are using for your business the same strategy that has been the success of our existing clients and we look forward seeing your business grow.

You have many success stories but what about the ones that were not that successful?

To date, we are happy to report a 100% retention rate amongst hundreds of clients. As surveying and requesting testimonials from all our clients would be very time consuming we have picked the ones that are most illustrative so that you can assess the opportunity.

Why do results vary? Why does it take so much time to get results?

Overcoming Existing SEO – For you to move past other companies that are already listed in the search results you have to become more relevant than these companies. If a competitor of yours has spent $30,000 over the past 5 years on SEO then we would not be able to take over that number #1 spot overnight. The good news is that it is possible to best them …with time.
Our job is to overcome your competitors existing SEO work, along with the new SEO work they are putting out each month and to overcome all of that as fast as possible within the limits of the budget you have selected. In many cases this program can accomplish that over the course of twelve months, but in some rare cases, if a competitor is dramatically outspending us, we will simply need more resources to beat them.
Response from Competition – Once our SEO work kicks in and your competitors see that you are moving in on or taking away their top spots they may try to compete with us to take their spots back. As they up their SEO you will see yourself bouncing around until you are clearly the winner and solidly hold the top spot.

Why do search results go up and down?

When people search for something online they want to find exactly what they are looking for the first time. So the search engines are constantly working to provide you with the most relevant search results possible. That means they are always changing the criteria for what makes a site more or less relevant.
Our strategy is designed to add relevance to your listing. When the search engines change their minds we then have to adapt what we do so we can continue getting results despite the new changes made by the search engines.
This means that it is possible that something we used to do can become no longer valid and there is no point in doing it or as much of it. At the same time, we might need to do something new in order to keep making progress on the number of leads we are generating for you.

Why does my progress slow when I get near the top spots?

It is easier to beat the people at the bottom of the listings because they are not doing anything. Once you start getting near the top you are then competing with the people who have been investing in SEO and reached the top before you. Depending on how much your competitors have invested in SEO and how long they have been doing it, we should expect that it may take some time to get to first position.

Which city should I pick first?

Your business can attract clients from your own city and also from the surrounding one. Is it best to pick a small city or a big one?
There are more potential customers in the big cities, but you won’t see the majority of the calls and clicks until you are in the first page of the listings. If you hand pick smaller cities around the big city, especially the more affluent areas you can then reach the top of the listings much easier and faster.
Our recommendation is to use the Market Dominance program to overwhelm and dominate the smaller cities first so you can ramp up your sales and cash-flow the fastest. We will then switch to the bigger cities we are on top position.
If you have a limited budget, you can start with Business Booster, target a small city around your office, get in first position, and then upgrade to Market Dominance to get first position in bigger cities and multiple specialties or services.

Can I start with Business Booster and then upgrade to Market Dominance?

Our main focus is to bring you value and results within the scope of your budget.
You can definitely start with Business Booster and then upgrade to Market Dominance. Please note that once you have upgraded, the effect of Market Dominance will still take the same time to provide results.

What is the duration of the contract?

In order to give you the best results, we believe that it is necessary to give time to your investment to blossom. That is the reason why we offer a short-term <strong>no-risk</strong> agreement for 12 months. In any case, once  started, you won’t want it to stop… ever!

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

In short, yes we do. If by month 8 we do not reach the intended goal for the plan you selected whether we double our efforts so that you can grow faster your business or we refund you 100%, your choice!

Who is Plan X for?

Any business who wants to aggressively dominate the cities and regions around their office(s) will find the answer to their need in Plan X.
If you want to grow faster and/or wider and have a bigger budget, this plan is for you. Contact us and one of our specialist will assist you to define your tailor-made plan.

I have more questions, can I contact you?

If you have any questions, call our lead experts at +1 (310) 340-0036 or contact us.


I am investor real estate agent that sells real estate to investors wanting to get into the landlord business or the find-fix-flip business. SimplyFly is supplying me 50-70 leads a month from motivated sellers. Out of those leads I am able to close between 3-7 deals each month. Great service!

Todd Chunn

Real Estate Agent, MI

I am real estate broker in Michigan. SimplyFly’s Internet Service has produced a lead generation funnel that gets me about 15 property deals a month. I recommend their service to any real estate agent that is serious about doing business.

Roy Frank

Real Estate Agent, Budget Realty

I am a real estate agent. SimplyFly’s service has gotten me on several deals pending this month. Plus I run a real estate investors club which meets monthly for networking and training. We charge $25 at the door for each person. This service has driven our membership to over 2,500 in the last two years. I recommend this service to anyone.

Chris W

Real Estate Agent